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Default Re: Women's role ?

Originally Posted by beren View Post

Well that is indeed extremely hard nowadays since you`d have to start from zero point.

You can see that in this modern world where women are "empowered" ,you can see on teen girls how they dress as prostitutes , are extremely promiscuous, doing drugs etc.

your Finland and all northern European countries girls and boys from age 16 to 22 are deadly drunk on Friday and Saturday nights.
When I read your posts I find you quite extremist,
your world view being black and white.

How much have you travelled yourself ? lived in different countries ?
Have you actually been yourself in any of Scandinavian countries ?
how many languages do you speak ?

I have been privileged enough to have lived in Usa, Finland, Scotland, Wales...
and summer months I have spent in southern European countries.

My own children who are teenagers 14 and 16 and half, have had friends
from Iran, Egypt, Bangladesh, Russia, Japan, Argentina, Usa....

When you travel (not just as a tourist) and talk to local people,
and listen to their stories, and you share your own, you soon find that we are not that different.

What comes to drinking in Scandinavia,
it is just a small minority that makes the headlines.

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