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Default Re: Thuban Thoughts II

Aren't you tired of being afraid, and tired of all the so call choices.
Seek to bring order out of Chaos or- K OS
everything is perfect.
You are the maker and creator of your own suffering, aka Cause and Effect.Or do you have an agenda to keep the illusion in place. The people have nothing to fear, but fear.

Its time to let go of the boogie man, and buying and selling HOPE.

When we let go, then we must turn inward and work on ourselves. Most don't want to do this, and feel comfortable placing blame, on someone or something for their own IG-norance.

No one personally attacks you, it is how you perceive it.

This game is over,Xccept for those who love 3D. I am here to shatter hope of the future there's only now
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