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Default Re: Global Slavery - Michael Tsarion - Sonia Barret interview

Thank you so much Stardust.
I listen to Marcel first thing this morning... together with your comment above about cellular memory, I realize that is what I have been listening to All my life (w/many obstacles) not just the past 20 yrs, to be here now.

As is being illustrated in the changes in PC/PA, I see now a gaining of strength and momentum for all the people of light from all over the planet instead of it being something to resist & wrestle with, this change... we must welcome this Adjustment w/the Vision of expanding resources and not a divisive, restrictive one. May the struggle & unrest resolve into acceptance such a simple shift of perspective brings.
In an Instant Moment, B & K and all the rest of us, this shift comes toward Empowerment!

"Stop the mocking, the ridiculizing..."

Marcel Messing wake up call... so Powerful ! The numbers are staggering our power!
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