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Default Re: Thuban Thoughts II

Why is my 'Thuban Thoughts' thread still unavailable...even in read-only week after the 'Saturday Night Massacre'? Did it stir up restless spirits from the netherworld? Hocus pocus dominocus...the spirits are about to speak? Or have they already spoken, and said 'No more Thuban Thoughts'? Was the removal an attempt to put the Thuban genie back in the bottle? The one thing I keep thinking is that the final post(s)...which I did not see...were of such a nature that they can't be revealed. I really don't want to speculate about this...but I'm not just going to roll over...and pretend that nothing happened...especially with all of the other questionable activities connected with the forum presently. The thread isn't that big of a deal...but it is the straw that broke the dragon's back...for me anyway. This reminds me of 'Stonewall It!' during Watergate. I keep imagining people in three piece suits getting out of black Suburbans (with tinted-glass and 5 antennas) with briefcases...walking in and flashing badges...and ordering the current changes in the forum. No proof...but that's what it feels like. There may be legitimate reasons for this...if it's true...but once again...I'm not going to pretend that nothing happened. Red Alert!

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