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Default Re: Thuban Thoughts II

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
If there is going to be an Avalon II...and Avalon I will become locked into a read-only shut-down of sorts (for whatever nepharious reasons)...and if my 'Thuban Thoughts' has been cast into the everlasting flames of Thread Hell...why not try, try again with 'Thuban Thoughts II'? I just want to go through the entire abraxasinas/Thuban Q&A thread with a fine-toothed a detached and rational manner...or is this too dangerous for mere mortal minds to contemplate? Don't ban me bro!

Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom
If you are going to tackle the matter in a scientific and historical way, with the serioussness of a disertation I am behind you

If this has the purpose of keeping alive something that we have already trascended...what is the point in holding on to the past? What are you searching for? Which is your need?

Love to all
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