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Default Re: Global Slavery - Michael Tsarion - Sonia Barret interview

Originally Posted by Jay View Post
There's a great deal of debunking of MT (I don't know...??). There's also a 9 part series on Youtube discussing the "many mistakes" (quote).
Is he a Freemason, working for Illuminati and disinfo as alleged?

No agenda - just truth-seeking...J
The debunking that I have seen comes from religious sources which are against humanity enlightment. Some things they say may be accurate but they have presented no ducumentation to back their claims. Their basis are so and so knew so and so etc. There is no hard evidence

I Personally don't think that MT has all the truth either but he has a lot of information very few possess.

MT is the only researcher that has seen or have documentation that proves the existance of Atlantis...that is big and think it is the reason why he is being discredited

Also he associates religions with satanic and luciferian cults which obviously do not please the churches

Like with all that is outthere, there are thruths and there is speculative material we have to be discerning

Real knowledge only comes by going inwards and tapping into our own cellular memory but we need a frame of reference

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