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Default Re: Women's role ?

Originally Posted by annemirri View Post
What is your solution to improve women's situation in the world ?

as women only have that illusion that they can change things.


Well that is indeed extremely hard nowadays since you`d have to start from zero point.

In essence there are no differences between man and a woman. Even the word wo-man in English originated from the word womb-man.

Before Creator there are no sexes.
Creator is not a male or female. Creator is a spirit.

Also men seek to find that perfect women for them as a other half of their being and also women do opposite.

One of my solutions to help women is from early on when you have a baby girl , to raise her with full objectivity ,as you would raise a baby boy.
To teach her everything you would teach a boy with all respect to her sex.

But real trouble comes in teen years where world takes over and simply ruins your efforts as a parent.
It is extremely hard to teach kids then.
You can see that in this modern world where women are "empowered" ,you can see on teen girls how they dress as prostitutes , are extremely promiscuous, doing drugs etc. just because they think they have "power" now.
Look at this situation from this angle ; in your Finland and all northern European countries girls and boys from age 16 to 22 are deadly drunk on Friday and Saturday nights.
They have illusion that they are "empowered".
As years pass by we see more girls than boys doing that actually.
You have now term in UK - laddete. That`s a young drinking woman who act as a drunk man and wreak havoc on UK `s streets early in the morning after heavy drinking.

And what is more strange ,you don`t find that behavior in large scale in other European countries.

You can come here or any country southern from Scandinavia and UK and simply you won`t find that behavior.

That doesn`t mean that women are better here , it just means that they have other problems here.
You on northern countries have swallowed a lie pill long ago and think that women are better off there...
Really - no.

That is why I write that root of the solution does not lie in empowering women, it lies in taking blood suckers out of this planet in order that all may live and thrive.
You will see then how women are really treated from men, with full dignity as you all deserve. You are us and we are you.
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