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Thumbs up Re: Global Slavery - Michael Tsarion - Sonia Barret interview

Sonya Barret rocks and Tsarion's latest work on the Irish was fascinating; interesting, and plausible theory.

What really sucks is the fact our slave market in America includes not only prisoners making products that "compete", China style.

The frigging slave trade activists/counselors will verbally acknowledge American girls are being plucked out of "Top 5%" California schools, including modus operandi, but only mention the foreign "white slaves" on their website. These "people" are being aided by local and federal "police". (At least in my case they have, as have city and county officials, including judges.)

Kerry would not touch this even though it is one of, if not THE key, to control of those willing to stick their neck out and young girls in her own state are being victimized.

"Judges in Cali have organized crime for protection."

This, clearly, goes very high as it is a multi-billion $ Freemason/or LumiNazi market.

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This one is hot

first of 6 parts

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