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Default Re: March 8th International Woman's Day

Originally Posted by burgundia View Post

The situation in the Balkans has been too complicted to talk about it in the men-women ter....

(Ruanda, now Nigeria, Sudan).

I am sure you know how women are treated by Albanian men, in many Muslim countries, in many Asian countries,etc...

Oh dear,
please, keep things in perspective,

I was not talking or writing about the whole Balkan or Bosnian war,
I just brought on the table the women's issue, massrapes.

And, YES, I am more than aware about mutilation of women in many countries, I do read my newspapers, many, from different countries,
and different sources, in different languages...

I do not have strong opinions about anything,

I am open to listen and learn, to change,

and I do the best I ever could, if I were given the chance.

Why do people so often suppose, jump into conclusions,
that others do not know anything, are not aware, or do not even care.

I do care.

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