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Default Re: March 8th International Woman's Day

yes yes yes, got to look at the hidden agenda and how easily people carry it out without even knowing they are led to do so.
meanwhile here in blighty it is Mother's Day! Another wonderful hallmark holiday.
There is a war between the sexes and if one denies it , how can anyone understand the war so ready to leap out inside us all? That war was created long ago, and I still dont understand but one thing I do know, two days a year that honor women is a pretty funny thing to observe.

Women at one time had so much power and that was greatly feared ." They" tried to and suceeded to repress the emerging real power of women through the CIA funded women's movement. Don't believe it? Check out Gloria Steinam being on the CIA payroll. No better way to take away the power of women than to ghettoise them and /or make them into low grade men. As if lesbianism gave them power, ha ha, it certainly gave them no offspring and disconnected them from the real and very feared power that can no longer be repressed , or at least not without killing us all . The game is real, the stakes are high, the pawns are willing. The concensus trance is very deep and has been proven here , even among the so called aware , maybe especially.
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