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Default Women's right

Originally Posted by Harper View Post
Wasn't the post about women and not about the wonders of finland, respectfully speaking of finland.

is there a way to get back on the fact that we even need a womens day?
Dear Harper,

I asked Beren about his opinion about massrapes in the Bosnian War,
as that has been the greatest horror that has happened to european women in past twenty years.

I wanted to know if there had been away to prevent all that.

Beren has promoted himself as a deep christian and humble man,
without any sense of pride or arrogance, so I was willing to listen to his wise opinions.

What comes to Finland, New Zealand gave women the right to vote first,
Finland gave FULL POLITICAL RIGHTS first.

When women have POWER to vote and to be elected things change for them,
as they can decide about their own lives.

It is about EMPOWERING women, bringing the female perspective.

And YES we do still need women's day,
to bring women's issues and needs, right back to the limelight.


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