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Default Re: the humble man

Originally Posted by annemirri View Post
Ok, I am sorry,
but you tend to mention that alcoholism, being a recovering alcoholic,
in many of your posts and it felt to me like you were labelling yourself.

I am happy for you if that is not the case.

Hi annemirri
It depends upon the post I am replying to, so context gives meaning.
I can go up and down levels with ease, so I go back down a level or two to help some one else .
Many helped me recover in AA Im just giving hope, strength and sharing to others whom I perceive may or may not benefit from the experiences which were real and not theory.
Telling true stories as you know gives real meaning to what is said.
I am pledged to help the still suffering Alcoholic as I was helped.
I don't really do enough.

Scorpios as you know are passionate caring individuals and very practical.
Thats my Spiritual ego out to play ---- smiling.

Humility is for me not forgetting I needed help and freely got it when I hit rock bottom and left false pride behind enough
to get on my knees and ask God for help.

With Love

morning prayer

Beloved God
I am born now from the womb of sleep
I am determined to carry out all acts this day as offerings to Thee.
Make my words thoughts and deeds sacred and pure.
let me not injure anyone.
Let no one injure me.
Guide me direct me this day.

Evening prayer.

The acts whos burden I placed upon you this morning are now over.
It was you who made me walk and talk and think and act.
I therefore place at thy feet all my words thoughts and deeds.
Receive me now I am coming home to Thee.

Using these prayers and implementing them through out the day of sets Karma that may be incurred.
No negative Karma then freedom from the bondage of the cycle of birth and death is realized..

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