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Originally Posted by annemirri View Post

as you do not know me,
I would suggest that you do not jump in (negative) conclusion to quick,
how do you know what I do know ?

What comes to finns, Finland, they were real outsiders, as you wrote,
living in peace on their own in far north, no need to constantly fight for survival.

So they had TIME TO THINK in peace, in nature,
what is really important in life,
what our lives are about without any world religious influences...

until the TIME came to take more active role in World Politics,
as peace negotiators...

By the way,
Finland has had a WOMAN President, well known PACIFIST since 2000..

I conclude things on basis how your present them here.

And what does have to do with all this ,that Finland has female president ?
Who really cares.
Germany has chancellor but did Germany change?
Queen Victoria was in 19th century the most powerful person on earth -did that changed anything?

Margaret Thatcher was a prime minister of UK - they called her iron lady- did that change a darn thing in world?

All this 8th March thing and all that we now talk in this thread was imposed on us by communism early on. And communism is conceived in minds of Carl Marx and Friedrich Engels - well known Satanists ,both of them.

SO when you pick up all pieces of the puzzle you come to the very thing that you denounce at the beginning. Creator of the universe.

All ideas that he is actually SHE came from Luciferians AKA enlightened Satanists and masons. They brought those cults and ideas deeply inbedded in their own twisted teachings.

New age philosophies, communism,socialism,feminism...

They were partially good but deeper meaning was horrible for entire mankind.
One of their prime target was a woman. Her role in society and politics,family and work place.
As you can notice , a serious downgrade of women started to happen from early 2oth century to now on.

True ,women had a lot of positive things coming on from changes, but in reality they were never more fragile,saddened,non happy,abused,misused, and terrified about the future than nowadays.

Greatest harm that women today have is illusions. Illusions that they can change things and that they are actually in better position today.

World is still ruled by men, evil men and they do not care for women at all.Women are expendable for them.
Women are merchandise for them nowadays.
Women are driving force of materialistic world as we know it since all is concentrated on them to buy buy buy and use use use and more buy buy buy ...

Sex sales ,you know that phrase. Well actually women are sexualized to sell everything.
Now don `t get me wrong, women are abused since controllers know that women are so precious .

Now ,I wrote all that since I see in your responses a strong feminist and somewhat daydreamer of modern politics.

I do not think you`re bad person. Just living too much in clouds regarding how this world functions.

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