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Originally Posted by beren View Post

I am afraid that you do not have a clue about situation in ex Yugoslavia and Balkans in last 1000 years.

Finland is in the middle of nowhere. ....

Finns are well educated but other than that, they don`t have a clue about other cultures southern from them.

Simply vast distance was and is a barrier in all,from mentality to economic prospects.

While you were and are able to work in peace and create quality stuff ,so far we are constantly fighting for survival

as you do not know me,
I would suggest that you do not jump in (negative) conclusion to quick,
how do you know what I do know ?

What comes to finns, Finland, they were real outsiders, as you wrote,
living in peace on their own in far north, no need to constantly fight for survival.

So they had TIME TO THINK in peace, in nature,
what is really important in life,
what our lives are about without any world religious influences...

until the TIME came to take more active role in World Politics,
as peace negotiators...

By the way,
Finland has had a WOMAN President, well known PACIFIST since 2000..

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