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Default Re: massrapes

Originally Posted by annemirri View Post

Finland is a neutral country,
people well educated, independent thinkers,
that is why finns were negotiating the peace, United Nations rapporters...

I listened and I listen to those two finnish ladies,
and I respect Mr Ahtisaari,
who went there themselves to talk with local people, women and men, to hear their stories, share their pain.

We have to learn from their stories
how to prevent future wars, massrapes, hatred...

it has nothing to do with western propaganda.


I am afraid that you do not have a clue about situation in ex Yugoslavia and Balkans in last 1000 years.

Our main trouble is that we live on the crossroad.

Even from ancient times the place where we live is basically very rich and under many influences.
Many throughout history wished a piece of this land.

Now with all due respect ,Finland is in the middle of nowhere.
Who is interested in Finland? I mean from history to now.

Your geographical position is such that no one is seriously interested in conquering Finland now or in the past, except Russia because you were on their door step.

Finns are well educated but other than that, they don`t have a clue about other cultures southern from them.
Simply vast distance was and is a barrier in all,from mentality to economic prospects.

While you were and are able to work in peace and create quality stuff ,so far we are constantly fighting for survival because of Hungarian ,Austrian ,German ,Russian interests down here.

Have you read an interview recently from Ahtisari`s ex close assistant in all that he did in negotiating ?
She stated that Marti threatened her and all staff that they suppress all real facts and do as they were told.

Sad thing is that she comes out of the closet 10 years and more from actual happenings.

No Annemirri, you are not still informed about truth here.
Linda Baker, a member here in Avalon suggested me to write about some things happening here in this part of the world and I am thinking to do that.
Many people do not know the real truth.They rely on what they were told by official press in their countries.

Sorry to say this but I would not trust Ahtisari & crew at any time.

But again ,I will still think of that writing since beside all that truth here, I personally believe there are more important things globally for people than ranting about the past here.
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