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Originally Posted by beren View Post

.. Unless off course you believe CNN and western media for truth there...

If you want real info ,search it better.
Root cause of that war was in CIA plans for Balkans.
Everything that happened was a brother`s slaughter there.
A people who lived together for centuries now suddenly made terrible war?

Please, get real info not propaganda of western governments.

Finland is a neutral country,
people well educated, independent thinkers,
that is why finns were negotiating the peace, United Nations rapporters...

I listened and I listen to those two finnish ladies,
and I respect Mr Ahtisaari,
who went there themselves to talk with local people, women and men, to hear their stories, share their pain.

We have to learn from their stories
how to prevent future wars, massrapes, hatred...

it has nothing to do with western propaganda.

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