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Default Re: Being humble - a key to eternity

14, Greybeard ,Frank and all here reading,

My thoughts goes like this;

I wake up in the spring morning and sit on my terrace with nes cafe.
Watching a beautiful birch tree with a bird house on one branch.

Then I go in yard and admire birch some more since my favorite tree is birch tree. Then I take one leaf from birch but not from the branch, I leave it there ,just gently take it in my hand and tease it. Almost like I would tease woman`s hand.

Then a flow of beauty runs through my mind and I feel wonderful .
I then think about grass surrounding this tree and gaze again on nice branches ,waving on the breeze.

While carried away a thought comes in mind. Tomorrow this same grass will be thread upon or cut of and burned in fire. Also birch tree could be cut off and burned in winter...Yet I will not do that but again it`s easy to do that.

Then another thought comes with a bang . All this that made me happy that morning for a 3 minutes is a gift from Creator.
And all that by its beauty made a day to one guy here on earth.
All that which can vanish in a flash!

All that fragile creation was for me in those 3 minutes a real gift from God.
To make me happy.
For the next 23 hours and 57 minutes I will not think about birch tree and grass around it but when I realised that Creator has even thought of that 3 minutes in my life,
makes me humble. Makes me humble to realize that I am eternally loved by God.

Nothing is by chance.
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