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Originally Posted by swordsmith View Post
well is bill or is he not a scientologist? buyer beware .Be very careful tommy .
Bill Ryan is a member of the 'Ron's org', "an offshoot of the original Church of Scientology" Even more hardcore than the church itself.

Kerry Cassidy is not connected to any specific spiritual group. Bill Ryan is a Free Zone (Ron's Org) Scientologist, fully against and publicly opposed to the goals and modus operandi of the Church of Scientology (and, he is proud to say, named on the Church of Scientology's official Enemies List).
Bill Ryan idolizes the founder of Ron's org who happens to be Bill Robertson - The mighty Captain Bill

Here is an article Bill Ryan wrote about Bill Robertson back in 2006

So who is this Captain Bill?

Captain" Bill Robertson is probably the person most responsible for the whole "Sci-fi Space Alien" label slapped on Scientology. After spreading rumors that the church had been infiltrated with spies he tried to start "The New Church of Scientology" with Church monies. he failed.

He claimed to be an "ethical OT" but did not act that way. Bill had a preference for dressing up in women's clothing and at least two of Bill's wives complained of his peculiar taste of wanting to play "lesbian" games as he used to dress up in ladies clothes and a wig and perform sexually perverted activities in front of a mirror. While those may be very odd, but maybe not damaging... he also stole another man's wife. Not the way an "ethical OT" should be acting.

He claimed to be second in command to L. Ron Hubbard and for a two month period in 1972 he indeed held a very high rank in the Sea Org. Over the next 10 years his behavior became very erratic. He became obsessed with remembering the words to a galactic marching song and felt the church had been infiltrated with spies.

Then, in 1982 he announced that hew was not just Bill Robertson, a normal earthling, but was in fact called Astar Paramejgian, one of three beings who were in reality controlling the lives of trillions of inhabitants of "Sector 9", a collection of thousands of stars and planets in this sector of the galaxy.

He formed the Galactic Patrol, the FreeZoners and Ron's Org, all squirrel groups. The problem with these groups was that they were altering (or making up) technology. Astar Paramejgian (aka Bill Robertson) ultimately developed a malignant throat cancer which led to his death.
Astar Paramejgian WTF!!!!!

Since Captain Bill died who is the Chairman of Ron's Org?

Max Hauri and his wife Erica

Where are they based? Switzerland. Where is Bill Ryan based? Switzerland

Now they have been cooperating with the German agency OPC

Max and Erika Hauri are leaders of the Ron's Org of Bern, Switzerland, and were instrumental in setting up the first Free Zone club in Moscow.
They claim to be Scientologists, yet per their own admission they are cooperating with the Germany agency that is investigating Scientology in Germany, the OPC.

"Maybe it makes you feel more confident, for example, if you learn that the office for safeguarding the constitution (Verfassungsschutz) of the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg has stated years ago that the Ronís Org is not a part of the Church of Scientology and that there is no need to observe them as the Ronís Org has no anti-constitutional goals. Indeed, there is some cooperation between members of the Ronís Org and state authorities who observe the Church of Scientology and investigate their activities."

(Excerpted from from page How can I know that the Ronís Org is not another camouflaged organization of the Church of Scientology? on the Ron's Org Bern (Ron's Org Schweiz) web site, April 7, 2006.)

"Indeed, members of the Free Zone have now and then worked with state organs to observe the Church of Scientology and their actions."

(Original text: "In der Tat arbeiten Mitglieder der Freien Zone verschiedentlich mit staatlichen Organen zusammen, die die Scientology-Kirche beobachten und ihre Umtriebe erforschen."
Taken from page Antworten auf (FAQ) on the Freie Zone e.V. web site, July 6, 2005.)

"In fact members of the Freezone are working with various state institutions that are conducting surveillance of the Church of Scientology to investigate its wrongdoings."

(Excerpt from the booklet FREE ZONE SWITZERLAND The Alternative Scientology Movement, by Ronís Org Switzerland)

"The OPC recruits its 'star witnesses' against the Scientology organization from the Free Zone. Not only does the OPC recruit in the Free Zone, they also try to get their undercover men trained and cared for by Freezone members; one even went so far as to recruit star witnesses for the ominous Bavarian Study from the Free Zone."
Max Hauri and the OPC Project

William Robertson (born Aaron Pfefferberg) or Captain Bill to those who loved him was a lifetime member of the Sea Organization of Scientology and until he left in 1982, one of the most influential people in the Cult of Scientology. During his career, Captain Bill would pioneer many many fascinating religious programs for the Cult of Scientology such as whether or not Aliens were coming to take over Teegeeack (Earth) through the use of Marcabian Invader Fleets. Due to his complete and utter fascination with "standard technology" Captain Bill was hastily removed from Scientology forcing him to start his own splinter groups to worship aliens.
William Robertson was born on the 2nd of December 1936 in Georgia, into a family of ultra - orthodox Hasidic Jews.
In later years, Bill Robertson would tell only his most LOYAL of followers that he was not just a normal Earthling but he was indeed a space alien named Astar Paramejgian. After word of his identity slipped, Robertson's claims became more and more insane - once he went so far as to mention he was one of three beings charged with ruling the universe. Captain Bill "LOLDONGS" Robertson has been divorced from several wives, who would later recount that Robertson was a hard drinking sex maniac who believed he was a lesbian and had a penchant for f**king himself with a corncob in front of mirrors while they watched aghast

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