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I think that the infiltration/disruption platform is being used as an excuse to consolidate control and turn an open forum into a closed one. A kind of club med for spiritual elitists. This I think, was not one of Avalons original intentions. Thousands of people all over the world come to this site for information posted by its learned members and by playing the 'oh shoot we've been infiltrated card' the Avalon powers that be are cutting of a lifeline that may change lives. Screw the illuminati. You are running away at a time when you should be accepting a challenge. People are not stupid. They have the ability to discern and do NOT need their minds made up for them.
I can see why people are leaving but this is a time to stick together and fight for what they believe in. Free speech, equality, respect and freedom.
Thanks for your answer but I think you are wrong.
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