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Originally Posted by Lionhawk View Post
Did I suggest anything about Thuban in the first place in my post? If my concerns had anything to do with Thuban, I would have stated it so that no one would get confused. Just out of respect. Your deduction is very misguided in this instance. Also a useless fire starter. Why am I not surprised? Just another provoking poster who doesn't have a clue as to what I was talking about. May I suggest you reread what I posted and what I was after before you paint more falsehoods as you have also done here in the past. It is stuff like this that has contributed to the present conditions here at this forum. MP2 and I might have had our disagreements on many things, but we also had agreements as well, so get a grip will ya?

Thanks Stargazer for telling it like it is. I hope Karen was paying attention, finally.
Firstly Lionhawk, as a fair bloke your point is taken and understood. I apologise for taking you out of your context.
With regard to the upheaval within the forum i.e. Thuban, bans and mistís I was trying to ascertain what the agenda is for reading PMís or activating accounts. Itís obviously for internal reasons but what reasons? Hence my reference to the Thuban crisis (again sorry for taking you out of context) and asking 2 questions.

Now, Iíll ask you a few straight up questions. Please donít answer if you feel it may jeopardise your position. That is totally understandable. Also donít answer if you think I am deliberately yanking your chain. With regard to your statement that this gig is compromised, my question is

who has compromised whatÖ. and for what reason.

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