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Originally Posted by Rocky_Shorz View Post
how do I know the sun rises in the sky every morning?

if anyone had any idea how well connected those in the forum are they would be laughing as it attempts to pull itself apart...

Welcome to the vortex...
iow are you implying that they can try to get rid of us and that's next to impossible

Originally Posted by Stargazer1965 View Post
I know for a fact that each word you type can be and then archived if someone wants to look at it next year.

Karen...I know you meant well but everything....even the deleted PMs are archived and viewable.

Just have to know a password and where to look

Everyone is real nervous right now.....

You can say downright TWITCHY

I live in what I know...not what I can speculate

peace Y'all
well said Stargazer. Lionhawk, i agree, tell it like it is
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