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Originally Posted by Lionhawk View Post
Did I suggest anything about Thuban in the first place in my post? If my concerns had anything to do with Thuban, I would have stated it so that no one would get confused. Just out of respect. Your deduction is very misguided in this instance. Also a useless fire starter. Why am I not surprised? Just another provoking poster who doesn't have a clue as to what I was talking about. May I suggest you reread what I posted and what I was after before you paint more falsehoods as you have also done here in the past. It is stuff like this that has contributed to the present conditions here at this forum. MP2 and I might have had our disagreements on many things, but we also had agreements as well, so get a grip will ya?

Thanks Stargazer for telling it like it is. I hope Karen was paying attention, finally.
I am exhausted by this project and have been for a long time. I went to you Lionhawk and asked for names and all I got was riddles. I went to the admins and I got no help sorting your problem. I reached a dead end. I could not puzzle out your riddles and if there was any hot clue there, I did truly miss it.

I am now done here. This decision was made some time ago. I have watched in anguish and disappointment the actions of the various moderators and the events marked by the last banning of Abrax. I do not approve of the way things are being handled recently and I do not want my name or personal energy associated with this project.

I do not approve of posts and threads being deleted and I made a big campaign for that to stop when I became moderator here. Now it has started again. I watched as my mod team was split over this Thuban issue, and I did not understand what was being played out.

I have even been accused of some plotting between me, GaiaLove and Bill to take out half the mod team. NO I WAS NOT INVOLVED IN THAT. It was like I brought into a meeting, where decisions had already been made, spun around a dozen times and the blindfold removed. I am just as confused and disoriented as almost everyone else.

I've looked on in dismay - decisions were made without my input or approval. If anyone is snooping into people's PMs, I have not been made privy to how that is done nor to one word of that insider intel.

Spring is spronging and I look forward to life without Avalon and much less time spent at the computer. We had some great times here and it's been quite the wild ride. I'm getting off here - much love to all.

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