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Originally Posted by Karen View Post
Moderators cannot read the private messages of other people.
I recently saw Lionhawk make this type of accusation in GaiaLove's chat room.
I investigated what I could. I found no such evidence.
Admins - I was told do not have easy access to PMs and why would they want to do that.

My Dear Karen,

I am really surprised by your response here. I also tried to do this in private with you and this is how you are now going to distort the facts. I was even willing to have a conference concerning all this by your suggestion.

Here are the net results. There are none. Nothing was proven one way or the other. The fact is the issues of security I was concerned about were put on a lazy Susan. They still haven't been addressed by whether certain people don't have the right skill set to get to the bottom of it. And also based on what that information might have been, they would never tell you Karen because you might not be able to grasp it. So now since we have to air this laundry out, maybe folks here might want to know my concerns here at this forum. And maybe this is what you wanted me to do all along.

I was informed that people had seen that I had logged on and was back in the forum on Feb 7th of this year. Fact is my account had been deactivated and I couldn't log in even if I wanted to. Richard reactivated my account a couple of weeks later as to my request. Now I have to ask how is it that I logged in on the 7th when I didn't or couldn't? Where are the logs Karen of that day. The real logs. You didn't even know there was such a thing. I have not seen the logs of that date I inquired about. Further more when posed the question of PM's, the answer was given in such a way that would not implicate the truth as being so but lead you to believe my accusation was accurate. Who is to say a mod with Admin privileges can't access any information? Maybe a course is computer networking and website building might be a course for you to consider. The fact is anything that is posted is PROPERTY of whoever owns this website. That includes everything from PM"s down to smiley faces. Now you are saying to me that you couldn't get to the bottom of it. And at the same time I have been barking about this site being infiltrated and I did that to give you a heads up and what do you do with that. Nothing Meanwhile when you now look around, the evidence is being swept under the carpet and even though you may claim innocent, you are now just part of it as you have also been played. If I was you, I would be kind of upset about that. But I am not you.

I was seeking the truth and all you have appeared to do is enable what is being swept under the carpet. And where I was coming from was of great concern for this forum. Security as to my account has been breached and all you can come up with is that I made an accusation. You can play your cards here as you see fit but it doesn't change anything and is a dis service to everyone by doing that. Just look around. All this reactance and everyone is spinning around in all of this confusion because you guys don't have the guts to tell the truth. You all could have told the truth in private but no, that would take so much effort. Well look at the mess you all have let get out of control and I guess now we play the blame card game.

I have been involved with computers for almost 25 years. It saddens me that people try to pull the wool over everyone's eyes who assume such a position on a website. Again my concerns were legit as I would not have brought them to your attention to waste your precious time or mine. It is very obvious that this site has been compromised on many levels and when the waves get rough, no one wants to deal with it in the right light.

I also didn't tell you everything my Dear Karen. Why would I when you haven't really done anything to earn my trust. Think on that for a while. All I can say was I was earnest with my efforts but I don't have the keys or the access and apparently you don't either. I sent you all warnings but you thought you knew better and Lionhawk was just paranoid. Look around Karen and explain all that away.

You people think some of us don't know what is going on. You assume we are stupid little mice in the maze. You place sanctions on folks like we do to other countries and then you want us to support you. I'll tell you by what I have seen demonstrated, that if I was going to reboot Avalon, I'd start from scratch from the top Admin on down. I say that even though I do appreciate some of who are in their present positions. To much of this Avalon has been compromised. Everyone sees it, why don't you?

So now since I have said this you guys are going to put sanctions on me and treat me like one of your kids. It will only further validate the hypocrisy
and double standards that have undermined all the efforts to Avalon. If the new Avalon is going to be run like this one was, please don't send me an invite. I got better things to do.

Also at the same time I knew you guys would not come up with any facts because of all this other stuff that has constipated the works. So as far as I am concerned I have all the answers I need. So you're off the hook Karen. It's called GRACE. I gave you a trail and there on that trail you would have found a key infiltrator. You gave up to soon.

"Everyone wants to talk but when it comes to the walk, people can't find their own damn feet." Quoted by Hiddenfoot

What was I thinking?
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