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I'm a network admin guy and most of us live by the motto...

"Much easier to ask forgiveness than permission"

I remember Bill writing somewhere that he needed a Mod with "balls of steel"

I believe Richard was knighted....

"Run this as you see fit"....I can hear Bill say

"Control the inmates until we can escape"

With Richard came Celine.....An easy target when Richard is not here... to take pot shots at...

Celine has been with Richard so long she feels like an extension of him...Wielding perceived power here and some are buying into it

Fair or not...I don't know

Celine comes on like a bulldozer filled with flowers

You will love each other or by GOD I will..... (fill in the blank)

I feel like this place is a rubber boat filled with dying folks that was set adrift to save the OTHERS

I was of sound and quiet mind when I wrote this....I can go into the mists now...

Peace Y'all


Thank you everyone....I would have never made it this far without you
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