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Default Re: the humble man

Originally Posted by annemirri View Post
your humility is breaking my heart,
but more than that my heart is aching from finding you labelling yourself
as a recovering alcoholic for the rest of your life.

I am not any kind of teacher, but please, do not do it.
It was just one step in your life, and you are over it now.

Life can give you much more, you are a scorpio EAGLE like me.

your friend,
Honestly annemiri I am not actually labeling my self. The body has an allergy to alcohol I cannot deny that, therefore I do what it takes to look after the body
I dont put any head above mine including Chris/ Greybeard. The nearest I can get to it is, and its an allegory, Chris follows me around like a faithful pet, he amuses me most of the time. I am aware of what Chris does as somehow separate from that which I am yet part of what I am .
There is a gratitude to God for this life and respect for all who have taught me.
I respect the teaching of Jesus, Christ is Jesus in oneness with God and at a different level from Jesus. I dont know if I making sense. I am endeavoring to let go of all that I am not. That takes time. Till then I respect the functions in my life. Ie I play music, I sing but thats a function not truly what I am.
Anything I feel or believe does not invalidate anything you believe annemiri. A Scottish saying.
"You know your own know best"

Thanks for your kind thoughts.
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