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Default New Paradigm

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post

What about positive thinking and self esteem?

Are they in harmony with the teachings of Jesus?

Are they a new religion which is out of harmony with the words attributed to Christ?
We as a human race are destined to reach for the stars,
evolve to widen our experiences, lives, to other dimensions, vibrations, frequencies, you choose the right words,

and there we cannot any longer talk about "Christ" or "jesus".

WE have to find the inner truth in ourselves without any masters,
religious figures.

I read all the posts in this thread again,
and it really saddens me to feel the narrow mindedness,

if I say that I am not "humble" bow my head whatever I face in life,
it does not mean that I am arrogant, self centered, loveless being who demands love and respect without giving anything back,

why cannot you see ?

It is tough love.

When I was a child, I was a very shy and loving being,
but when the spacecraft came I did not hesitate a moment, but my more humble brother was cautious,
it was not for us, and stayed behind by the window looking at me when I was ready to step into a new dimension,

new experiences which literally opened a new universe for me.

What could be more enlightening than that ?

The truth is there will more who will soon face the same choices,
to be humble or take your chances ? some will be left behind.

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