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Default Re: multiverse...

Originally Posted by annemirri View Post
What do you mean by asking where I am coming from ?
I don't really understand.

I do not have any masters, spiritual teachers...
or any books, ideas, religions, ideologies that I would promote, or even suggest to anyone else to read or study.

I am open minded, open to learn more.

(p.s I did not just see them, I went into their spacrcaft, and I flew away with them, or maybe...that is why I do not believe in anything that is taught here on planet Earth, I find all that quite amusing, to be honest.

Hmmm...maybe I believe in universal laws to be free...without limitations.)
Thats fine and thanks, you answered my question.
An enlightened being does not need anything either and smiles at our lack of understanding and is also completely free except for the law of Karma which is a universal law. Consequences for every action, thought word and deed. Good Karma is there for all, has to be earned though. Thats the law.

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