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Default Re: A Course of Miracles

Originally Posted by beren View Post
We are what we think and if our thoughts overflow with stubbornness or too much of ego, we will not come far.

Humility is a first step or a door to a new dimension where all is possible to one who believes.
Ego is that mythological dog guardian who won`t let us through that door.

I say fight the dog!
False ego is an adversary, yes... but it is there to be transcended through forgiveness and spiritual work - a catalyst for growth and evolution. So it is really our friend! And humility is needed always. I don't know if it's a key to anything in particular, or a "first" step. It's one lesson among many. Some may be working on different lessons at the moment. Others may come by their humility as naturally as breathing. For you perhaps it is timely, since you started this thread. Thanks for giving us all something to ponder on our own, personal journeys.
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