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Talking Re: Being humble - a key to eternity

Within trillions upon trillions of stars we are but a speck of dust, yet we are part of the trillions of stars , worlds. dimensions and parallel universes. Because of the many unknowns we have to remain humble. The more I learned the less I know, for knowledge is infinite yet is simple as it connects you to the origin of all that is, past, present and future.In trying to find absolute truths we have committed many mistakes by condemning others in the process of our search for the so called truth. For me it is enough to know that the origin of all things is within each and everyone of us and because of this I am humble by the beauty of all that is and I ponder at the possibilities of all that could be.
Ah humility for it is in the knowing that I realize how little do I really know and how much I have yet to learn, perhaps a million lifetimes more, perhaps a trillion. May our journeys be full of love, compassion, forgiveness and joy, may it connect you to the origin of all things in ways we have yet to imagine.

Blessings to all ...
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