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Default Re: Being humble - a key to eternity

Thank you Beren for posting in full Christs words.
Humility works in this world and is very powerful.

Every person in recovery from any form of addiction who is on 12 step program will have seen in the steps of the program the need for humility the program is very explicit dependence on the drug or alcohol is removed by the humility to ask God for help which is always given. Millions are sober in the true sense of that word throough sincerely asking for help and following the steps then as a result of a spiritual awakening carry the message to still suffering alcoholics.
That is the love of God in action.
But we must sincerely ask with the knowledge that we are powerless over the addiction without the help of God.
You could say that addiction, the wanting more and more, is also an attribute of the ego, and only God can remove the ego.
We take 100 nsteps towards God and He will take a 1000 towards us.
As we have free will we must ask, God does not force or push.
Tremendous power in humility, it takes courage to surrender to the will of God,to align with His. When this is done we are free to be what we really are, moment by moment.

So loving God is very practical NOW in this world and ever more so true at this time

Thanks Beren
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