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Smile Re: Today my 6 year old girl got the Swine Flu Vaccine and I'm scared!

Originally Posted by Tamarie View Post
My daughter has been leukaemia free for 2 years now, but she still needs to get regular blood tests to make sure it does not come come back. Today my husband took her in to the Westmead Children's Hospital (in Syd, Australia) for just this reason, but was also advised by her treating oncology doctor that she "should" have the swine flu vaccine.

My husband, who has listened to me repeat numerous times that I do not want him or my children to have the vaccination, proceeded to give his verbal consent! Without contacting me first! I could NOT believe it!

So the doctor went ahead and "vaccinated" her. And I am terrified, angered, desperately wanting answers on what I can do to remove that disease from her body. All I can think about is that she is now sick and that the hospital has placed my daughters life in jeopardy! When I close my eyes and picture her, all I see is a stranger that is not the same person that left the house this morning! I see a little girl with 'A/California Strain' virus swimming around inside her body. I've even thought about wishing I could just die because I just couldn't be around if she gets sick from it. I've already gone through one life threatening illness with her and we were all trying to save her life, and now that she's well, they want to kill her off again!

I don't know what to do! I want to sue the hospital for even SUGGESTING that she get vaccinated and I want to choke my husband for agreeing to it! I can't stop crying, and I can't think rationally enough to argue with my husband about why he was wrong! His views completely oppose mine - he has not even blinked an eyelid about how concerned I am right now. He thinks I'm over-reacting and everything I read, research, listen to, is all bull***t.

I don't even know what point there is to me writing this. You all are over there in the U.S. and there's probably not an ounce of usable advice that you can give me that will work here in Australia. I can't believe the PTB have successfully screwed with my family's life and we've never even met any of them.
My heart goes out to you and please mother nature send your daughter a miracle.

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