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Default Re: Today my 6 year old girl got the Swine Flu Vaccine and I'm scared!

Anchor, Thanks for your quick reply. I kind of miss riding the train to work - actually I miss the chance to read as there are so many good books I'm missing out on right now by just being a parent of 3 girls!

I've taken your advice about getting rid of my fear and feel a bit better for it. I've also taken some anger out of the stress I feel towards my husband. Like you and others have said here, he was only wanting the best for Bijanca. But it irks me that he didn't even think twice about my reaction to the vaccine. He should have known better.

Lisa, it's reassuring that you know other children who have not gotten sick from the vaccine. I don't know of any who've even had it. But my concern is not that she'll get sick FROM it, but that whatever is in her system, will act like a beacon or pre-cursor to something bigger, as Dr John Waterman (I think) had mentioned on Camelot Radio.

Re Jane Burgermeister and all she does, it's so complicated to me! I'm not a technical or medical person and the whole legal thing boggles me as well. Doing what she's doing is so time consuming and difficult to get through to the right people - and will it even matter in the end, ie, is her voice even being heard?

I've spoken with one of the Oncologists at the hospital and demanded to know what body or organisation gave the instruction to the doctors to even suggest to parents that their children get the vacinne. Not even my local GP has suggested this to me at any time! I'm waiting for a respsonse to that, but then what am I going to do with the answer? Do you know that parents only need give 'verbal' consent, rather than written? There should be a consent form involved in situations like this where BOTH parents sign!

Also, doctors are suggesting that kids under 10 get the vaccine whom have a low immune system (such as those fighting cancer) and yet, my daughters immune system is no longer low - so again, why did it need to even be suggested as an option?

Oh, and in Australia, from next month apparently the standard seasonal flu vaccinations will have the H1N1 Strain mixed in! But I wonder if doctors will even bother to tell us?...
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