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Default Re: Anglo-Saxon Mission video re-posted

Originally Posted by Linda View Post
Dr. Waterman did an interesting interview about the Anglo-Saxon mission on Camelot Whistleblower Radio.
His website was attacked?
Maybe because he brought up the ET connection to what is happening?

I had never heard of him before but he has VAST knowledge on SO many things.

Here is a snip of what he put up today:

We Need To Talk•March 9, 2010 •

Missing Audio Restored

We have millions of people around the World, wondering what is going on… what is happening to our planet.
The “controllers” have the sheeple blindfolded as to the reality of our existence.
So they are winning so far in many respects, are they not? People looking for “proof”, thinking it is completely elusive, meditating, praying, doing all sorts of things trying to get to the bottom of things.

The more that happens, the more you will look to these documents that previously some have scoffed at. How do I know? Because I just happen to be one of the “scoffers”… previously. But I know too much now.

Apparently so much that someone has recently attacked this website in an attempt to hide these truths. Yet we will not stop.
This is going to become more “real” with every passing day.

We are not “bible thumping” people here… we are everyday “dudes” who just happen to have broken through some of the brainwashing and entrainment, as many of you have and are increasingly experiencing.

There is nothing we would like more than for everyone to realize there is a war being fought, and it is about to come into your city, your neighborhood and… ultimately… walk right through your front door. In fact, it already has.

There is a hint of things to come…

I know a lot of you are aware of certain “unusual” things exist - I mean really exist - such as creatures from other planets (good and/or bad), technology beyond what “man” could have created without “help”, space ships, starcraft, blackholes, jumpgates, Stargates, eventual “disclosure”… the list never ends.
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