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Default Re: Anglo-Saxon Mission video re-posted

i wanted to bump this thread -- i'm surprised there's been so little response

thinking about the population reduction that appears to be a big part of the nwo plans-- they've even carved it in stone, in the Georgia Stones -- i've wondered if the 500 million [thereabouts, according to different sources] who are going to be allowed to live if their evil plans succeed-- i wonder how many of these survivors will be reptilian/human hybrids & grey/human clones [i have met & talked w/both -- they are here] -- i have this uneasy suspicion that the 'population explosion' is due in part to many, many hybrids & clones being silently placed on Earth

i've even wondered if the plan is that ALL the survivors are going to be the hybrids, clones, & robots/other synthetic beings

presumably the nwo is stocking up on the humans they need in the DUMBS, as well as other resources -- the rise in missing children suggests so

Peace & Freedom, wynderer
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