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Default Re: Anglo-Saxon Mission video re-posted

Hi Bill -- when people have told me their theories of the Jewish conspiracy to take over the world, i've always answered that it's the WASP conspiracy that worries me, especially because i never hear about it [WASP: White Anglo-Saxon Protestant] -- your video blows the lid on it

i've wondered if the nwo wants to decimate the population prior to the arrival of whatever they're hiding in the DUMBS from, rather than after, because they don't want to have to clean up billions of smelly decomposing bodies when it's safe to emerge from the DUMBS

but, tying together the big secret -- the power of the free human mind -- w/dreams/visions i've had [others have had similar] of a point in my future at which i, in company w/everyone around me, suddenly feel a huge dark oppressive weight that's been hanging over all of us since we were in the womb -- suddenly, in a flash! that dark heavy weight is gone, & a sense of excitement & joy fills all of us [HAARP & the whole techno structure alone going down would destroy the, or one of the, major means of mind control] --

-- maybe part of the knowledge the illuminati have hidden from us for millennia is that there IS a new day, a new dawn coming -- the freeing of the human mind -- & unless the nwo works to stop it, it will just naturally happen -- they might be doing all that symbol stuff that Jordan Maxwell is addressing as another part of the desperation a lot of us are picking up from them -- i think they use the symbols both to harvest & direct energy -- energy that is about to get out of their hands [or claws]

a lot to think about re your video talk -- thanks -- & looking forward to the interview about the Bell

Peace & Freedom, wynderer
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