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Default Re: spending your energy

The life force fields about all living entities are detectable and measurable.
The radius of these fields vary in all lifeforms and individuals, especially in symbiotic relationship with the earths field as it too varies in symbiotic manner with that of the sun and moon in particuler, with all other planets also influencing this.
There is a natural rythm to this, but this is been attacked and taken by ????
I find the main method is fear which reduces our field down, but now the mobile phones are also litterally beaming out YOUR life force to somewhere ????
I can detect this as opposite spin to our upper field direction and can follow the field of the phone which CUTS into the humans field and reduces it's diameter.
And YOU are paying for this been done.
I won't have one of the dammed things near me, I can feel them.
The other such is TETRA towers.

The results of a reduced field is illness, stress of the fully repairing biological body.
I check countless people without them knowing with dowsing, people do not know what I am focussing upon.
Youngsters that are fully charged are 55 feet radius from themselves, people with MS and alzhiemers and cancers are barely a foot from their physical .
SOMETHING is harvesting the none physical, it is all about this life force, not about the 3D physical, unless this is recognised You are playing into THEIR , was going to say hands, but THEY or it may not have hands.
The few people who exceed 55 feet( fibonacci ) are those who can cross between dimensions, many gypsies are over 55 feet, I check.

EVERYTHING You are dealing with is about the life force, it enables ALL in creation to exist.
We consume other life force by eating plants and animals etc etc, so I for one do not condemn this something too strongly, but it seems to be getting very greedy.

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