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Default Re: 19.5 + 22.5, 38th Paralell, Erth/Galaxy/Universe Energy Hotspots & other random i

I have been working on connecting famous sites all around the world using Google Earth. I have made a little program in which you can just put the coordinates of sites like this:
And you can press generate KML button and whoa la, you have KML code that just needs to be saved by your favorite text editor as .kml file. This file can be viewed by Google Earth and you will see lines that connects all those sites at the same time.
The program can be downloaded here:
Maybe someone will find it useful in their search for truth and knowledge.
Best regards.

Maybe I will make this program to be like you want it to be, just tell me what you want and I will try to find a spare time and make it a little more suited to your needs. This program certainly isn't done.
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