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Default Re: 19.5 + 22.5, 38th Paralell, Erth/Galaxy/Universe Energy Hotspots & other random i

Originally Posted by Wetpicketfence View Post
OOKKKK.... this is hitting very close to home for me. Im a airline pilot, on a routine flight from Nassau to Miami at FL 240 in 1996, incountered my only ufo experence to this date. a string of retangular shaped boxes at my 2 oclock postition high, contacted mia center if they had any traffic in my area and the only traffic they had was 80 miles north, my witness was the captain and she noticed it to.... mia center said they had logged the anomaly.

Thank you for posting Wetpicketfence,
i know you guys are under strict gag orders and such and can not talk about what you see in the sky.

Yes they are real and yes they were not put there by us.
The original beings that created this planet and seeded it FIRST put those there. They make up a web called "The Centient Barrier".
It's put there so no being could leave or enter this planet without being of a certain conciousness level. If you were not of a particular level of power you were not allowed to leave.
At first, when they were useing it to create gods it was a good thing.
Now it is being used by other beings that use it to keep us here and under control. If you want to know how many there are look up into the sky, every star you see that is not part of a constellation is one of them.
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