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Default Re: Who owns The Bank of England...

Originally Posted by NoelineC View Post
There is a wonderful 29 part series called "Ring of Power" availab le on Youtube. Suggest that it will answer all your queries Rocky. There is also Zeitgeist - the movies/documentary which won awards and is also downloadable - just google Zeigeist - the movie. It does not have as much information as Ring of Power but both are accurate. There has predictably been a lot of opposed religious babble against both but i believe they both portray the lie very well. All info on the Bankster's conspiracy.... but also recommend that you listen to the latest David Wilcock interview on Project Camelot which is very informational about the factions within TPTB that seem to be trying to outdo one another. Very interesting times.... I am surprised that the dollar has not collapsed which means that maybe the Asians are propping things up as suggested by Benjamin Fulford. Certainly the US is bankrupt and TPTB think they control money, media (our minds) and mititary.... but we shall see soon. There is a wonderfuol story about Nathan Rothschild and the Battle of Waterloo. Apparently he intercepted the news from the battle and although he knew that the Brits had won he wrote an article that said the contrary, sending the stock market into a giant crash... probably the first crash ever. He then bought up everything he could get his hands on very cheaply and so started the control of British banking etc. by the Rothschilds. They have created and funded both sides of every war since to their financial gain without any conscience for the loss of life entailed.

Anyway, hope this has been helpful.
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how does Alistair Darling fit in with Rothschild?
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