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Default Re: Bible Related Psychic Attack???

What I was posting previously is that through time-travel those traveling back and those using Looking Glass technology literally saw Christ and even have holographic documentation, something like film footage of the events. I've listened to over 15 hours of testimony and read countless reports on this. When Christ resurrected there were two angels present and his body levitated during the rejuvenation. Christ is not an alien but there will be those who claim this is the case and this is at the root of the great deception.

Christ was/is authentic. This is not just a theoretical concept. Christ consciousness also exists as this was the message manifested by his presence which still exists today in this dimension and the upper spiritual dimensions. Christ appeared to me 34 years ago and at that time I experienced his embrace which transformed and expanded my reality on multiple levels allowing me access to the upper spiritual dimensions. Christ's embrace alters the moleculear structure of those he touches where the experience is of "zero point quantum physics multiple-dimensional location, where every particle of the soul awakes to wholeness of existence, existing in all places (multiverse simultaneously). This means one also feels at home anywhere because this experience also allows one to know that Christ dwells within the heart just, as the soul dwells within the heart of Christ. Christ consciousness is experienced as one ~ is one with Christ. By being held within Christ's embrace there is an experience of all of the love that exists in free flow through mental/emotional/physical/spiritual beingness. All sense of self at multiple levels of existance is charged with this energy.

This is an experience that others of other religions who never even believed in Christ also had and shared with me personally. One resonates at the frequence of Christ throughout contact. Subsequently, once experienced one can access this nexus frequency at will and use it for manifestation at multiple levels ~ including stepping outside of time and space to create something in the physical world. Bascially, the impossible becomes possible. One is only limited by the constructs of the mind.

With respect to the false sense of self, ego and defense mechanisms these must be shattered generally prior to such an experience of Christ consciousness. One's intention must be on enlightenment back up by spiritual practice on a daily basis ~ often for years. One must live in alignment with one's own spiritual integrity or at least willing to make the inner adjustments moving in the direction of union with the Divine. And then there are those who are filled with grace and may have such an experience without years of intention, yet obviously blessed in some remarkable way.
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