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Default Re: Bible Related Psychic Attack???

Christ was a real person.. his holigraphic experience of the crucifixton and resurection is recorded and classified, and others have witnessed it. Andrew Basiago has spoken about this on several of his interviews.

Next, following the resurection ~ Christ does exist on various spiritual planes and does visit folks, even folks who do/did not believe in him. I am a witness and I personally know others who are withness to this phenomenon. Chist's gift is compassion and when the heart opens he appears to those who resonate at his vibrational frequency. However, he may also appear to those who seek and cry out for his help and has also been known to help comfort in times of distress.

Next, psychic attacks are a real phenomenon as well and not something to be ignored. I often think when this happens the people involved are being tested. Unfortunatley this did happen to a number of moderators in 2008 when a number of them ended up quitting moderating as a result of what was going on. Believe it or not, there are some people who are used to open a doorway to the dark side. I would also like to add that to say one will find the light in the dark is ridiculous unless one is looking at their own light that they brought into the darkness with them.

Now, I have a confession to make. When the other moderators were reporting that they were under psychic attack and had identified who it was that was the doorway, I thought they were being a bit dramatic and spending too much time at the computer. I didn't realize at the time that what was happening was real and tended to discount it because I wasn't personally experiencing what they were experiencing. These various moderators were scattered around the globe and most of them were all experiencing identical symptoms.

That is why the disclaimer is posted in one of the recent threads. Unfortunately, this forum from time-to-time has become a doorway to allowing some of these negative entities through to the members who out the people who open the doorway. Psychic attacks are real. This happens for multiple reasons. The first one is just to silence the dissenters who can see through to the truth of the matter. I also think some of this happens because people being attacked are also being tested, given a choice as to which path they are going to follow. Subsequently, if one fights the negative entities and moves toward the light they end up becoming a spiritual warrior. Basically, one must claim their own power as a spiritual warrior being to deal with this type of situation.

For example, last year, a portal opened in my home where two very negative entities tried to enter. I sent them packing and closed the portal but didn't realize how it had opened or who had opened it until a few days later. Then we had to deal with the stick aftermath which took the life of multiple pets and also months to clean all of that negative energy from our home. So given what went on in the past on the forum, along with my own experiences with fighting negative entities I'd like to pass on a few tips on what to do when something like this happens. And I would also like to invite the other spiritual warriors on this forum to share their tips as well.

First, one must remember one is a co-creator with the Divine. This is key..

Next, one must claim their own inner spiritual power and own it. A simple exercise is just to stand in front of the mirror, gaze back at one self and keep exclaiming out loud until it is felt within on a feeling level, "I am a powerful spiritual being and I am claiming my spiritual power." This allows one to move past fear of who they think they are and instead claim who they really are.

As a spiritual being one has dominion over the angels and can request angelic assistance. The first order of business is to provide a safe place for oneself and loved ones. As a co-creator this can be accomplished numerous ways.

For example, one can manifest a golden globe of energy to surround oneself and one's sacred space.

Next, one can call upon the angels to help guard this space from intruders.

One can also assert in a very strong voice that no one may enter this space unless invited. Just a side note, I got rid of those nasty entities my commanding them to go and calling in angelic assistance to help keep guard.

As co-creators with the Divine, we humans are very, very powerful beings and are capable of creating pretty much anything we can think up. Remember this. Remember this at all times.

Another thing that these nasty entities really, really hate is to pray for them and send them light. Showing them heart-felt compassion by sending love and light really sends them off the deep end as these entities are committed to the darkside, to creating dissention, chaos, confusion, anger and numerous other negative emotions that they can feed off of.

I also like to use the vibrational frequency of Christ to scatter them. This is easy to do if one allows onesself to go into the heart energy. Place a hand upon the heart. The flow of energy from the hand to heart helps activate it. Think of something or someone you love.

Next, hold in the minds eye an image of the loved one (preferably Christ, an angelic spiritual being, an ascended master) and imagine the top of the crown chakra opening. Imagine the higher heavenly spiritual energy flowing down in through the top of the head and then out through the heart to whomever one is sending this powerful flow of energy too. This method can also be used in healing as well as getting rid of unwanted entities. One is just being a conduit between the different spiritual dimensions while receiving and disbursing light energy.

If one asks for angelic assistance be sure to thank those beings who helped. That is giving love and gratitude back to them.

If anyone needs assistance please feel free to PM me.

The goal is to learn how to recieve the light, release fear, lot go of aniexty and experience deep inner peace by claiming one's own birthright as a spritual being.
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