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Default Re: Bible Related Psychic Attack???

Thanks for everyones insights so far.

It ceratinly is a strange one.

I realise I didn't emphasize something about the experience... it was late at night when I started the thread.

Whatever the 'entity' was, it was threatening and malevolent. It was as if it was angry with me for doubting the Book. The dread I felt was firstly 'Oh my God the Bible is true, I have been wrong about it for so long' (because of the entity) and secondly the feeling of being followed around by whatever the entity was.

Relief came 3 days later when he entity seemed to disappear, and 8 months later when I finally came to terms with the fact (for me) that the Bible could never be a sole source of truth.

Moxie's comment about the mind in conflict sounds very plausible. Maybe I drempt something that first night and the following 8 months was the result? I am rarely aware I am dreaming, or have drempt anything but I guess it is possible.

For me the Bible has some worthy parts in it, purely from a spritual truth point of view, but I wouldn't want to rely on it for any 'faith'. I have no faith, only knowledge and experience, and that knowledge is being expanded on and corrected as the years go by.

The one thing I eventually came away with was a certainty that there is something out there, but what it is I have no idea. What I came across was scary to say the least.

Hey... maybe the PTB were trying to enslave me to corporate religion and get me to tow the line.... I guess I'll never truely know...

The mental vulnerability has long since gone and I am a much stronger person now with a better grasp on things. I have experienced energies and influences that are 'light' rather than 'darkness' which this original experience was full of so I am confident that I came to the right conclusions.

Peace and thanks to all

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