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Default Re: Bible Related Psychic Attack???

People are creators, we're always creating whether it's conscious or unconscious.

The reality is, that when enough people worship a god outside of themself, and agree on a religion, the religion itself, the god outside of themself, becomes a conscious entity, like a computer that always wants more energy from followers. They've quite literally created a false god in their own image.

The conscious entity in terms of the book of revelations is called a Beast. These beast and energies can work through 'their people' or 'their territory' in order to get more worshippers to give them their energy. Sure, they feed on fear, pride, worship of the false god outside of oneself in general. The more powerless and sinners like people feel, the better for this beast. People are batteries for all sorts of nasty things. We receive energy directly from the source, Pure Divine energy.

We are Divine Beings yet we have forgotten our True identity. And under this illusion of seperation, the illusions of the ego, we continuously give up our light to something outside of ourselves, such as an angry god in the sky, or some religion that says if you follow such and such rules, you'll get to heaven.

Whereas the only Way to get to Heaven is to see that God isn't outside, that God is inside, that we are an individualization of the One and that we can connect to God inside for all of our needs, rather than following the false outer path and giving up our energy to false outer beast and beings.

The 'entity' that attacked sounds very much like one of these religious beast that roam around looking for followers to come worship in fear based churches that collectively agree on illusions about god being outside of themselves.

All that being said, it's not so much different with wicca or shamanism or whatever else. The path of Freedom is narrow, the path of giving up our energy to forces outside of our self is wide, the narrow path is the path of Self realization, surrender to the Divine direction within, surrender of the ego and awakening to our True identity in Oneness with "God" rather than separate from everybody else and god.

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