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Default Re: Bible Related Psychic Attack???

ever heard of walking with the angels?

imagine driving your car to work one day and have someone start talking to you from your back seat. Swerving over to the side of the road and looking back finding no one there.

Dreams are where heaven and earth meet and what you experienced was an attack that woke you up and an angel stepping in beside you to keep you protected.

You were protected until the evil was purged...

Ever notice when people are in a position that there is no way out, driving off a cliff at 60MPH the first words to cross your lips are "OH GOD"... Doesn't matter who you are it is just something programmed inside of each of us.

I've been saved by angels more times than I can count.

Driving home from skiing at 65 MPH on black ice rounding a corner and finding a 50 car accident in front of me, without a thought pointed for the meridian and launched....

I landed like on a cloud sliding through the ditch sideways at 60 MPH when suddenly I realized I was heading for a cement embankment... I crushed the pedal to the floor caught traction and launched out of the ditch over the front car in the accident spinning down the highway until I came to a stop facing the accident.

Thank you thank you thank you... heart racing...

I was a ski patrol and drove back to the accident and tended someones wound that might have died if not handled immediately...

Everyone just stood with their mouths hanging not knowing what to say...
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