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Default Re: Bible Related Psychic Attack???

Where there is law, there is no love and, where there is love, there is no law.

Where there is commerce, there is no dominion and, where there is dominion, there is no commerce.
In the first 2 pages of the KJV of the Holy Bible, there is dominion, thus, freedom and, in the remaining 1506 pages, there is law and commerce.

When we know who we are, we operate in love and we have freedom and, when we do not know who we are, we operate in law, without love, and we have commerce, without freedom.
Mary Elizabeth Croft

Our mind is of 3 categories: what we know, what we donít know, and what we donít know we donít know. Not knowing is unfortunate; not knowing that we donít know is tragic. Ė W. Erhart.
Seek not to change the world; seek only to change your mind about the world. Ė ACIM
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