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Originally Posted by fr66ajc View Post
I would expect the loving embrace of Christ if anything...And that definitely wasn't there...
Many have - And have found the same. The Book at one time was meant to convey great Truths but versions of It such as that have long since gone into dusty dread vaults - Locked away.

Now - We only have an Imitation of It and due to Control(s) - We have little of that left. That said - The Message still resonates from All of the Faiths if You Sift the Chaff from the Wheat.

As a Poster said above with more words than I - This caused You to seek within Yourself for the Truth and that was certainly the message before It got corrupted - The Path is within. You found the Truth divided and through that - Further Truth. Some would say - Excellent - Now You're learning...

Christ is not a Person per se - It is an Ideal to attain and always has been in experienceable Density. You can be Christed - In Christ Consciousness or One with It but to be the whole CC Mass Consciousness Complex would be redundant in Itself. What would be left for other Aspects of Source to attain in Their Path back to Source ?

As We are (At base level) Consciousness - Experiencing Matter as Fragments of First Source - It is then Christ Consciousness - The seeking of the "Highest and Best Good of All Concerned in All Things at All Times" - That We are All Truly seeking. If not, for those Who don't - The only other choice is to seek Separation through Hierarchy in experiencing Knowledge into Wisdom. Simply put - When We are ready to come home - We do...

To further state this - The corruption of Language was one of the many deceptions far back in Our collective past and It has taken well. That is - The deliberate confusion as to the exact origin and meaning of certain words and phrases all through-out most of the World's various Languages has clouded things Immensely. Don't let the Baggage other People have given terms cloud the Original Construct.

When We seek the Original Construct - We seek the Truth of a Thing. A Wise Person once said ; Don't throw the Baby out with the Bathwater. There are many levels of Understanding in that Metaphor...

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