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Default Re: Bible Related Psychic Attack???

Originally Posted by fr66ajc View Post
About eight to ten years ago I was in a spiritual mess. I had found Wicca... drifted away from it... found Ceremonial Magick... drifted in and out of it... found this, found that... got bored and then decided to start researching the beginnings of religion and spirituality... Egyptian, Jewish, Babylonian etc.

One morning after a few weeks going through the Old Testament and probably half way through the New, I awoke to a painfully powerful sense of dread. I have been scared and frightened over different things in my time but this was in a whole different league. Absolute dread... and the one thing that dread was telling me was that the Bible was absolutely true, no error and the written word of God.(!?!)

I was terrified... I stumbled around for three days (symbolic?) with the knowledge that something was with me, watching every move and thought I made, waiting for me to get down and worship it.

Sure enough the effect was enough for me to search out different Church's and try to find the denomination I should join to get it right.

As I said, the sense of a presence being with me lasted three days but I considered myself Christian for about 8 months before I realised no Church was right for me and that Christianity had too many holes in it for it to be right (for me).

Whilst I fully respect anyone who considers Christ to be their saviour, I know that path never has been, and never will be mine (I know... never say never)

My questions are:

Does this sound like a psychic attack?

Has anyone every heard of anything quite like this.. ie. Bible related, because the idea of an entity invoking such horror to get me to follow the Bible just doesn't sound right if the Bible is 'good'. I would expect the loving embrace of Christ if anything... and that definitely wasn't there...

I never experienced anything like it before or since but it is one helluva weird chapter and would value any thoughts on it.

Many thanks

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Yours is a strange story.

And yet, I wonder at the terror you experienced. Oddly enough it would appear that it saved you. It made you pause. If I read your post correctly, you were about to make a tragic mistake in life. You were seeking out that 'perfect' religious denomination upon which to hang everything - your very soul itself even - blindly.

But instead, you appear to have come to realise that there are elements of truth in all of the major religions, and even minor ones, and that life itself is far more complex than you imagined. Perhaps the fear was a warning, in which case it was to your advantage. Seek diligently my meaning.

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