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Default Re: Siberia Seabed Leaks Methane


Normally I don't post this sort of stuff since I believe Avalon already has more than its share of gloom and doom paranoia. However, this Wikipedia article has a direct bearing on what you have brought up.

I am guessing it is even discussing the same area of the seabed in this section:

"One exception, however, may be in clathrates associated with the Arctic ocean, where clathrates can exist in shallower water stabilized by lower temperatures rather than higher pressures; these may potentially be marginally stable much closer to the surface of the sea-bed, stabilized by a frozen 'lid' of permafrost preventing methane escape. Recent research carried out in 2008 in the Siberian Arctic has shown millions of tons of methane being released, apparently through perforations in the seabed permafrost,[11] with concentrations in some regions reaching up to 100 times normal.[12][13]."
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