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Default Re: urban survival... More quakes on the way 2010!

Hello Sammytray. I just want to let this small thought on your thread.

On a larger scheme, Earth movement and activities are always inlfuences first by the global consciousness of humanity. It might happen to have 6 large earthquakes in 2010, but we must not forget it will happen because there is also "Earthquake of despair" in the consciousness of millions of people. Thus creating a "built up" of Creative energies around certain type of "ideas and thoughts". Earth react to it and the historical "weak spot" are often the ones that let all this energy to "transit" form one form to another.

It reminds me of two anecdotes about the Tsunami of 2004. A post I made last year... Everything is Alive...

Originally Posted by Steven View Post
Hi my brothers and sisters. Here are two small connected anecdotes.

They reflect what form protection may take during a catastrophe. First of all, know that we are alive beings surrounded and composed of alive beings. Sweet planet Earth is itself a very living being.

This information was public, by television. After the Asian Tsunami of late December 2004, two reporters went to a small city totally destroyed on an Indonesian shore. They were worried about a small island inhabited by native people. By boat, they headed to the island with a guide.

Before reaching the shore of this tiny island, they saw a man carrying a child on his shoulder. They were happy to see some were still alive. Once on the beach, they asked the man about their people and village. The man answered that they heard the spirit of the sea talking to the spirit of the air. They told the spirits that they were too little to be caught in their way. They respected their way and asked to be at peace. Nothing was done to this island. Not even a drop of salted water felt on it. The island was sitting right in the middle of the path of an enormous wave that destroyed the lands and cities.

Moreover, the two reporters talked about a pregnant woman who gave birth in a tree, 25 feet above the ground. Her and her baby were in perfect health, nothing was done to them.

There is not such a thing called coincidence. There is synchronicity. There is connection. But no coincidence. This, in the near future, will be the story of many. Even in the middle of the chaos.

On the other hand, I don't want you to contemplate chaos, know it, but don't contemplate it. Stick your thoughts to this tiny island and it's native living in harmony with all that is.

Namaste, Steven
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