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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Jason View Post
Thank you abraxasinas for helping the willing, 'clear their pathways' per say. I would like to hear your take on the Aquarian archetype, (me being one) and what role the generally serve and is their a specific task or role to be served in the new earth/paradigm/golden age etc?

Hi Jason!

The Aquarian archetype is all around you.
This present time in terms of astrodata of the zodiac is described by a transition of the 'Age of Pisces' into the 'Age of Aquarius'.

In the greater picture of the last 13th Mayan baktun of 144,000 days (or 394.26 civil years) from 1617 -2012 (Newton/Galileo to today) becomes 'finetuned' in a 37.8 year period for the transition of the Sun past the Galactic Center.
As the sun's size is about 0.5 degrees; this transit will be midpointed in January 1998 with (an encoded) deviation period of 3.5 years forthe 2012/2013 nexus time.

Then the 'Age of Aquarius' began on January 20th, 1998 (correlating the Edgar Cayce prediction and the David Wilcock channelings) when the sun transited from Capricorn into Aquarius; just as this week on January 19th, the Sun with Venus will join Neptune and Chiron (the Cosmic Healer) in Aquarius and following the solar eclipse of the Father's Capricornian Moon and the lunar eclipse heralding the end of 2009 with the Mother's Cancer Moon on December 31st, 2009.

So the 'beginnings' of 1998 are now manifesting in the 'play of the zodiac' in one form of the 'fulfilment of prophecy'.

The planet of the christening, Neptune of the Vesica Pisces is in Aquarius and Aquarius's ruler Uranus is in Pisces.
Uranus will stay there until May 28th, when it will enter Aries until August 15th, 2010 then reversing into Pisces again until finally entering Aries on March 12th, 2011.

So the great Uranus-Neptune 'Dance of the Lila' will complete in springtime 2011 and then Neptune will 'take over' the final year of the birthing-transformation.

Neptune will enter his own Pisces sign on February 4th, 2012 to lead into the transformation zodiac-wise.

Jupiter will enter Pisces on January 18th/19th to relate the 'King of the Planets' and the 'Symbol of the Jews' to the rebirthing of the 'Cosmic Christ' Energy but then in MANY and not the One of Bethlehem on March 24th, 6 BC. {Then a dance between Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon related similar astrodata to Saturn-Moon conjoins 1 New Moon apart in the March equinox 6BC and April 17th}.

Jupiter will be a Piscean energy ruler until January 23rd, 2011 with a retrovisit into Aries for the period June 7th, 2010 to September 10th, 2010.

Overall, the present time period is marked by the ecliptic Father-Mother partnership and the Sun-Venus
Mercury will enter Aquarius on February 11th followed by Venus into Pisces on the 12th to join the Sun, Chiron, Uranus and Neptune in the 'Dance of the Celestial Orbs' and Houses of the 'gods' - astrometrically writing.
{There are similar occurrences in the greater calendrical agendas as indicated, which are galactic and extragalactic superpositions onto the finetuned starsystem based ones.}

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